At times of market uncertainty, many owners and operators choose to lay up their vessels in an effort to save money. Owners of project and off-shore equipment may also choose the lay up solution until a new project is awarded.

Deactivating a ship is a complex technical process and requires coordination with flag, class, insurers, local and national authorities to complete the lay-up procedure.

Holland Hellenic is a pioneer in laying up vessels in Greece. For the past 5 years we have handled the safe lay up and mobilisation for about 25 offshore and specialised vessels and barges for periods unto 5 years.

Whether a hot or a cold lay-up, we will offer options either alongside or at anchor. We will assist with the vessel’s preparation for the lay-up period, both from a technical and legislative perspective.

When required we will offer watchmen on 24/7 basis and qualified engineers able to monitor the vessel on a regular basis and in line with the principal’s preventative maintenance programs.