Holland Hellenic is active as a hub agent for various principals, already for many years in the Mediterranean and Black Sea area, offering principals reliable agency services through a tried and tested network of selected agents dating back to early 90′s.

We can assist principals with all agency requirements and projects in the following countries:

Albania Bulgaria Croatia Cyprus Egypt Georgia
Gibraltar Greece Italy Israel Lebanon Libya
Malta Montenegro Romania Russian Black Sea Slovenia Spain
Syria Turkey Tunisia Ukraine    


Advantages using our Hub Regional Services

  • Single and reliable point of contact, 24/7/365 covering a whole region
  • A tried and tested network of reliable and professional agents
  • A single point for the remittance of funds hence reducing working capital
  • Standardized, to the principal’s requirements and pre-checked Disbursement Accounts
  • Advantages of economies of scale; by grouping your business together with ours you are benefiting from our suppliers’ agreements and experience.
  • Impartial advice and assistance
  • A quality and efficient service to Western European standards in an often difficult part of the world
  • Experienced, multilingual and dedicated shipping staff